3 Legal Templates You Need on Your Website to be Legally Compliant

3 Legal Templates You Need on Your Website to be Legally Compliant

The 3 Legal Templates Every Author Needs on Their Website

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you purchase through my link, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. And know that I never recommend something that I haven’t tried myself and loved. That commission lets me do things like, pay my power bill and feed my dogs, so thank you. 

In the blogging world, so many people overlook important legal policies that you need on your website or blog. There are 3 legal policies that protect you from getting sued, protect your content from being stolen, and protect you and your customers if you collect any information from them, like names, email addresses, payment information, and more. 

These documents get overlooked even more in the author blogging world. I guess because so many authors think their blogs are so insignificant they’ll be overlooked. But if you’re an author, you’re a business owner, and you need to be legally protected. If you’re an author and you’re blogging, sending emails to fans, or selling your books, or many other things, you need these policies. 

So what are these 3 legal templates?

The main 3 legal templates you need on your website to be legally compliant are: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are your website rules. They’re basically a contract between you and your followers about what they can and can’t do with the information on your website, refund policies, how and where you’ll settle lawsuits, should they come up, what the intended age of your users is, and more. 

3 Legal Templates You Need on Your Website to be Legally Compliant
Terms and conditions for bloggers.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies let your website visitors know what information you collect from them, like their names, emails, and payment information, etc., and how you intend to use it. These are legally required and websites without them are often sued by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission.) They can fine you big bucks, or lose a percentage of your annual income for not having them, even if you’re a teeny, tiny nothing of a website. 

3 Legal Templates You Need on Your Website to be Legally Compliant
3 Legal Policies You Need on Your Website – Privacy Policy


Disclaimers are also required by law if you publish affiliate links, sponsored posts, or anything where you might get something for free, discounts, or any kind of exchange for content on your website. 

3 Legal Templates You Need on Your Website to be Legally Compliant
3 Legal Policies You Need on Your Website – Disclaimer

These 3 legal templates you need on your website to be legally compliant serve several functions, the most important being that they protect you from getting sued.  

When I was preparing Write of Passages for launch, it wasn’t until I was almost ready to go that I discovered the importance of these legal policies and started asking myself questions like, “How do I copyright or trademark something?” and “What is GDPR compliance and how do I know if I comply?” and “What are those new California laws that are mentioned everywhere?” and “What’s the FTC have to do with my business?”

I ended up getting delayed several months, because the more I read on these legal policies the more I panicked that my website and I, by extension, wouldn’t be protected, and I’d learned enough to know that I absolutely needed legal protection. 

So, I started searching around for legal templates I could plop in my website. 

The first place I went was to a free template. But as I did my research, I realized that it didn’t have everything I needed to be legal. For example, it didn’t have GDPR compliance or the new California CCPA laws. 

Then, I found a site that would make a privacy policy for you, put everything in it you wanted, at a cost per each, and get it done in minutes. The problem with this is that I didn’t know everything I needed, so I didn’t know what to include. And worst of it all was at the end where it said that I should consult with an attorney before using them. 

Consulting with attorneys costs. So it would’ve been the cost of using their website, plus the cost of running the document past an attorney (another 150 to 300 dollars,) and I wasn’t even sure if it had everything I needed. For that I was looking at $300 to $450 dollars conservatively, and that was JUST for my Privacy Policy. 

No, thank you. 

I can’t even tell you how stressed out this made me. I couldn’t launch my website until I was legal. I’d read enough horror stories about content being stolen, and lawsuits, and more, to know I needed these templates. And the pre-made ones that sometimes come with websites would not cut it either. 

I needed the terms and conditions to protect my website from having content stolen, and more, I needed the privacy policy because I collect names and email addresses for my mailing list, and also because I sell my books and courses on my website and collect payment information, and I needed the Disclaimer, so that if someone took the advice, I publish on my website and decided it didn’t work, they couldn’t sue me. 

So, yeah, I was just about to give up on my website all together. I didn’t trust the online policy builders, and I couldn’t afford hundreds to potentially thousands of dollars getting an appointment and legal documents from an attorney. 

3 Legal Templates You Need on Your Website to be Legally Compliant

Then I remembered that about six months earlier, I had started seeing articles on 3 Legal Bundles you must have all over Pinterest. To my mind it had seemed a strange phenomenon that I had never seen them before and then suddenly they were everywhere. 

Turns out that a woman named Amira Irfan started her own website that many months before called “A Self Guru” and sold legal bundles using her expertise as a full-time lawyer. 

I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical at first, and I dug in and did my research. And I searched and searched, and read and read, and checked and double-checked. Cuz, I’m paranoid like that. Now I can tell you with certainty that Amira  and her legal bundles are legit. 

She has all 3 of the legal templates you need on your website to be legally compliant, and they’re a steal.

Her first and most popular legal bundle is the “Starter Legal Bundle,” which comes with the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and disclaimer. It also comes with 9 bonus legal templates and clauses, all things I needed and didn’t know I needed. 

3 Legal Policies You Need on Your Website

She also has the “Premium Legal Bundle” that comes with six legal templates and 13 bonuses, and the “V.I.P. Legal Bundle” with 16 legal templates and 16 bonuses. 

All of your bundles come with lifetime accesses to the templates, to any updates, and to her private membership access. 

I ended up starting with the Premium Bundle and email her later on to upgrade to the “VIP Legal Bundle.” It has everything I could ever need to make sure my business runs smoothly. And as an author and writing coach with very little time on my hands, I can’t tell you what a relief that has been. 

As Amira put it; Contracts are vital in your blogging business in order to:

  • Prevent misunderstandings between the parties,
  • Avoid expensive lawsuits,
  • Provide you security and peace of mind,
  • Prevent your confidential information from being stolen,
  • Ensure you get paid on time for your services,
  • And much more

The best part is, she offers $40 to $60 dollars off her bundles, depending on which one you get, for first-time subscribers. It makes her bundles not only the best product you can get to protect yourself but also way more affordable than the online legal template maker, or meeting with an attorney. 

Her templates are also super easy to get ready and put on your site. She’s gives you step-by-step instructions, highlights the areas you need to fill out, and tells you what you need to put in each spot. It took me half an hour to customize my three legal templates and the freebies and get them on my website. It was that simple. 


If you haven’t gotten the 3 legal templates you need on your website to be legally compliant yet, do it now. Better safe than sorry. 
Check out her legal bundles, here. 


3 Legal Templates You Need on Your Website to be Legally Compliant

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