What is an Amazon Clean Link?

What is an Amazon Clean Link?

And Why Do I Need One?

What is an Amazon Clean Link?

It is the link to your book on Amazon, but without all the extra numbers that help Amazon track where people are coming from when they look for your book. These cleaned links help you to market your book safely and easily without having to worry that Amazon thinks your getting 20 reviews from your mom. This comes in handy when you send your book to your email list or post the link to your social media.

So, what is an Amazon clean link?

In it’s simplest definition, it’s the shortened version of your full link that can’t be tracked back to a certain email, social media post, or any location where you might have posted it where more than one person can click back to your product from the same link.

Here’s an image of what that looks like below.

What is an Amazon Clean Link?
What is an Amazon clean link? – A Clean Link

Why do I need a one?

When you don’t use a clean link, Amazon tracks where all of your readers come from when they click on the not cleaned link.

Why is this bad?

Because, if they have several people coming from the same location, say your newsletter, a Facebook post or a pin on Pinterest, they consider it suspicious.

So, if you send a non-cleaned link to a newsletter of 300 people and 100 of those people all click on that link to either a.) buy your book or b.) leave a review, Amazon will decide that it’s suspicious that you have some many people coming from one spot on that uncleaned link and might, and have before, delete your reviews.

If you are promoting or linking to your book, you MUST have a the shortened link.

Watch the video to see how to do it.

What is an Amazon clean link?

That’s it for that! Nice and simple, right?

If you have questions or suggestions about this post, feel free to leave comment below. I love to hear from you.

Good luck with your books and don’t forget to clean your links!  


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