The proofread is the final edit of a manuscript before it goes to print. In a proofread, I will check for:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Usage
  • Repetition
  • Typographical errors
 Investment .004 – .007 per word



“I was really pleased with Emily’s comments on my manuscript! She kept a close eye on my characters and their development as well as the overall story. My book was definitely better because of her edit.”       

Lucy McConnell, author of the Billionaire Marriage Brokers series, the Dating Mr. Baseball series, & many more!


 Content Edit

A content edit is one of the first edits you’ll do, the purpose of it is to make sure your story works on every level. In a content edit, I will:

  • Check for plot points, plot inconsistencies, emotional beats, story arcs, characterizations, character inconsistencies, pacing, plot holes, conflict, setting, world building, info-dumping, themes, subtext, weaknesses and strengths, overall story structure, audience appeal, etc.
  • Provide an in depth editorial critique letter
  • Manuscript comments throughout
Investment .006 – .012 per word



How it Works

I do all of my edits in a Word DOC, using track changes. I like all manuscripts to be sent double-spaced, Times New Roman font, with .5 inch margins. To determine how much work a manuscript will be I take the first five pages for $20 and send an estimate. If you decide to work with me after that, I will waive the fee and wrap those pages into the overall cost of the manuscript. No erotica, excessive swearing or excessive violence, please. 


“Emily is by far the best editor I’ve ever worked with. She explains her reasoning for changing things, makes sure things flow smoothly, helps to catch things that don’t work in the storyline, and does it in the time frame she says she will. I will definitely be using her again.”

R.W. Hert, author of the Daemarkin Series.


How Long Does an Edit Take

The duration of an edit depends on many things: First, how many clients I already have in my queue, second, how long your manuscript is and how much work it needs, and, third, what kind of edit you want. Once I have your manuscript, I would conservatively guess that a proofread can take me anywhere from two to six weeks; a content edit generally a month to two months. 


For the sample edit, I ask for the $20 upfront from new clients. My long-term clients pay the $20 after. If you decide to use my services after the sample edit, the $20 fee is waived, and wrapped into the cost of the overall manuscript. To get in my queue for a full edit, I ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit, 40% when the manuscript is turned in to me, and the final 50% upon completion. My repeat clients generally only pay the 10% upfront and 90% upon completion.